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We preform audits on websites to determine what kind of SEO and design work needs to be done in order to bring your website to it’s fullest potential. Today’s website we will be looking at is 3-D Technical Services, a 3-D printing company who provides a full spectrum of models and prototype services for designers and engineers, out of Franklin, Ohio.


First impressions are extremely important, especially for a website. We want to make sure it is aesthetically pleasing. Does it keep the user visually interested? 3-D Technical Service’s first impression is visually interesting and they have an aesthetically pleasing look. Their website is clean and it is easy to determine what it is that their company does. They could benefit from some engaging images for both the user and Google. Including images with alt tags helps Google read what the image is about and helps keep the users  engaged. Another great way to keep the users engaged is providing a call to action for your site. It did look like there was a form on the contact us page, but having that front and center on the home page could improve customer engagement and even increase leads.


When we check for mobile readiness, 3-D Technical Services is mobile responsive. A modern update and feel that could be updated is having their phone number in an area of the website where you are able to click and call their business.


Having more pages gives your website more opportunity to be seen by Google. As we check for 3-D Technical Service’s amount of pages, it shows them having about 30. Increasing the amount of pages for their website could help it to be seen more by Google and the more a site is seen by Google the more relevant traffic your website will receive.

Compared To The Competitors

Taking a look at one of 3-D Technical Service’s competitors, Fathommfg, their site is visually pleasing with   a great color scheme and their website has a call to action with the “get a quote” button in an eye catching color. Can’t miss it. Another element that was great for building customer trust is that they had a section on their website that explains why you would want to choose them. Their website just seemed to give a lot of information and the information was well laid out.

So, If you want to give your company’s website a new, modern, mobile responsive, and aesthetically pleasing design, call Medium Interactive and schedule some time.