Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:

We preform audits on websites to determine what kind of SEO and design work needs to be done in order to bring your website to it’s fullest potential. Today’s website we will be looking at is, a custom cabinetry company that is out of Seville, Ohio.


First impressions are so very important to websites. When I land on’s website I know exactly what they do right away, custom cabinetry. The first impression of the website is that its clean, great use of photos, and they have a good amount of words on their page. They have great photos that are displayed in a slide show gallery on the top of their page and that visually shows some great examples of their work. Another great section that caught my eye was the “inspiration gallery”. I think that is a great idea for the users that want some custom cabinets but not sure of what they want exactly and that gallery could offer some great suggestions.

Contact/Request A Quote

A call to action would be beneficial on the page. The website does have a find a 4B wood dealer section of the page, but having that more visible when your first land on the page would create more leads and increase your websites conversions.

Mobile Readiness

Making sure your website is mobile responsive is crucial for success. When we look at on mobile it does appear to be a responsive website. A feature that I think is convenient is the phone number being at the top of a page. Along with being on top of the page, it is even more convenient when you can click on the phone number and it prompts your phone to call the number. With this website on mobile, the phone number is hidden in the menu so you have to some digging.


Taking a look at some of 4Bwood’s competitors. One competitor I found on the first page of the Google search results page is Yoder Cabinetry. Coming to their site, it was clean, modern, mobile responsive, and aesthetically pleasing. They had a great amount of words on their page that gives the user information and gives them an opportunity to incorporate keywords to be seen more by Google. Another great feature I found engaging was the video they had on their website. They showed off their products in a visually pleasing way.

If you would like to bring your company’s website more business with a modern, clean, aesthetically pleasing, and mobile responsive look contact Medium Interactive today.