Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Medium Interactive is a Digital Marketing Agency who are emphatic about helping manufacturers turn their website into a 24/7 sales person. We look at websites from the perspective of how they could be used to win new business for companies with as little effort as possible.

Ace American Wire Die company has been providing tungsten carbide dies to cold drawing industries. They offer round, hex, round to hex, square, and special profiles. Ace American Wire Die company has been serving for out of Twinsburg, Ohio for 40 years now.

Ace American Wire Die Audit:

  • The speed for this website is good (2.18)
  • Aesthetic of this website was good for it’s time but could be updated.
  • could be more mobile responsive. It could have the whole page fitting so you don’t have to scroll over to read the rest of the sentences. Also, adding a click to call option for mobile.
  • They have their contact information in the navigation bar and down at the bottom of the page. Putting the number in the top corner would help with finding it quickly.

SEO Factors:

  • This website has the use of heading tags on their page. Including the heading tags helps create more structure and order to the page, helping Google understand what your page is about.
  • Using keywords in the alt tags like Tungsten Carbid round and shape dies. Keywords in the alt tags can help Google know what the image is about.
  • There is only one page that is indexed by Google. The more pages the better.

Our Recommendations:

  1.  Add more images on the page.
  2.  With adding more images, you can add more keywords into the alt tags.