Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:


Abanaki is a manufacturing company that helps search for new technology to fight pollution and “clean our world”. This company has been manufacturing dust collection products for over 60 years now and is based out of Chargin Falls, Ohio.

Checklist Audit

  • The website speed when coming to the page is good. There was no waiting long for everything to finish loading.
  • Aesthetically this site is good. It is clean, easy to navigate, and has a great use of colors and images.
  • The website looks great on mobile and is mobile responsive.
  • It is easy to find their contact information. Their phone number is displayed in the upper corner of the website’s page as well as in the contact us portion of the navigation tab. They provide you with their phone number, address, fax, and email.
  • SEO Factors:
  1. Heading tags are being used giving structure to the page.
  2. Keywords used in alt tags could be used more. Making sure their images have the alt tags so google knows what the image is of.
  3. The total pages indexed by Google they have is a good amount.

The Ability to Measure

The website’s ability to measure is good with having Google Analytics installed.

Easy to Manage

  • This website managing ability is good with it being built on WordPress.

Our Recommendations

  1. Use alt tags for the images.
  2. Use more heading tags
  3. Have at least 300+ words on a page.

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