Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:


Absolute CNC Machining, LLC is a company based out of Germantown, Ohio. This company is skilled in tooling and machining industry. This includes tool and die, aluminum die cast, and plastic injection mold making for over 50 years.

Checklist Audit:

  •  Absolute CNC Machining has a great website speed. Everything loads quickly with very little wait time.
  • Aesthetics of this site is good. They have good color and is clean. They could benefit from more words on the page.
  • They could have their site look better on mobile. Does not seem to be very mobile responsive.
  • The contact information is easy to locate. They supply their phone number and address.
  • SEO Factors:
  1. Use of heading tags could be better. Having more words on the page will give more opportunity to use heading tags and give the page more order and structure.
  2. This website has a good use of keywords in the alt tags.
  3. Google has a good amount of pages that are indexed. The more the better.


Ability to Measure:

  • Having Google Analytics installed will help this site to be measured easier.

Easy to Manage:

  • Building the site on WordPress would help this site with ease of being managed.

Our Recommendations

  1. Having an SSL Certification.
  2. Making the website more mobile responsive.
  3. Have Google Analytics installed.

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