Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:

Accu-Feeder Engineering is a manufacturer of high performance metering equipment, pneumatic loaders, extrusion and blower motors, and auxiliary equipment for plastic injections. This manufacturer of high performance equipment is based out of Norwalk, Ohio.

Checklist Audit:

  • The website speed of this page is great and loads quickly.
  • Aesthetics could be better. There is not much to the page. Could use more colors and a more modern look.
  • Mobile readiness is crucial for the success of any website. This site does not look good on mobile and could use an update there.
  • Making sure that you can find contact information quick and easily can help with many things, such as bounce rates. Placing the contact information in at the top of the page or in the navigation.
  • SEO Factors:
  1. Having more words on the page not only give more information to what your site offers but gives an opportunity to use heading tags. The Accu-Feeder website does not have a good use of heading tags.
  2. Are there keywords being used in the alt tags? They do have some good use of the alt tags on their images.
  3. When looking at how many pages are indexed by Google for this website, they have a great amount. The more the better.

Ability to Measure:

  • Google Analytics is not installed on this website.

Easy to Manage?

  • Building this site on WordPress would help with the ease of managing.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Getting an SSL Certification to help protect sensitive information and building customer trust.
  2. Including more words on the page and incorporating heading tags to give order and structure as well as more information to the user and Google.
  3. Installing Google Analytics and measure your website.


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