Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:

AC Shutters Inc. has been manufacturing European-styled rolling shutters and special application doors for homes as well as businesses since 1978. This manufacturing business is based out of Cleveland, Ohio and has their products made to order.


When I first come to the page there does not seem to be a lot of information or even much to the website. Having the phone number in plain view is helpful to the user instead of having it in the menus and eliminate the digging. Making sure that your website has 300+ words helps not only Google but equally important, the users, know more information about your company’s website and what exactly it offers. Some more benefits that come along with adding more words:

  • Gives you more opportunities to add some keywords and key phrases and helps your website be seen more by Google.
  • Adds Heading tags for order and structure to your page and helps Google as well as the users know what your website is about.
  • Alt tags on your images for Google to see what your image is of.

SSL Certification

Making sure your website is secure can build great trust with the users. This protects your website’s sensitive information and helps your site better rank in search engine results pages. Having an SSL certification would benefit

Mobile Readiness

Users are constantly on the go and still searching for products, websites, and stores online. Having a mobile responsive website is vital for the success of any website. When we check for mobile readiness on AC Shutters Inc.’s website, it is definitely mobile friendly. The text on the site becomes very difficult to read. With mobile readiness being so important, this website could be updated to a more modern and mobile responsive design.

If you want to bring your website a modern, aesthetically pleasing, mobile responsive design and bring your business more business contact Medium Interactive today and schedule time.