Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Action Super Abrasive is an ISO 9001 certified company and has been manufacturing Super Abrasive grinding wheels in different shapes as well as sizes. These are used from medical, commercial, automotive, to thermal spray, and fine lapping. Audit:

  • Has a pretty good load time with it loading a little over 3 seconds.
  • Aesthetics of this website are clean. Could use some more images that are visually interesting.
  • When checking to see if it is mobile responsive, it looks mobile ready on iPhone.
  • Whether you are on the top part of the page or bottom, they have some contact information. Also having their information in the contact tab.

SEO Factors:

  • Heading tags are important to give structure and order to the page. does have some heading tags.
  • Keywords in alt tags can help Google see what your image is about. So adding a keyword in the alt tags like “vitrified wheels Toledo, Ohio” vs. “vitrified”.
  •  This website has 102 pages indexed by Google.
  • Has Google Analytics installed and that gives you insight on what you are doing well on and where you need to improve.

Our Recommendations:

  • Using Keywords in alt tags.
  • Adding more images on the page to keep it visually interesting.