Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Advanced Sleeve is a producer of cylinder sleeves. Since 1992 this privately owned business has become the leading manufacturer of custom and OEM sleeves. Serving to industries such as motorcycle automotive, ATV, tractor, snowmobile, and watercrafts out of Mentor, Ohio. Audit:

  • A faster load time can provide a more pleasant on-page user experience. The Advanced Sleeve website loads within a quick 1.09 seconds.
  • The aesthetics of this website are good with good use of images and colors. Could benefit from using more words and information on the page.

Mobile Ready?

  • When checking for mobile readiness this website looks good on the iPhone mobile view. Its not hard to read or navigate, but does not have a click to call option.

Easy to Contact?

  • The site has their contact information in the menu on their page as well as in the upper corner.

SEO Factors:

  • They have a good use of heading tags, but could include some keywords and locations of service.
  • This site does not use alt tags, and could benefit from keywords and locations in the alt tags. This helps Google know what your images are about.
  • Having your pages indexed helps bring more traffic to your site. The Advanced Sleeves website has 1,620 pages indexed,  a great amount of pages indexed.
  • The ability to measure your website is important to know where to put in the extra work. This website has Google Analytics installed and was built on WordPress. Making it easy to manage as well.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Include Keywords and the location on services in your Heading Tags.
  2. Include Keywords in the alt tags and the location.
  3. Include more words on the page. 300+ is a good amount to go by. This gives you the option to include more heading tags and gives your page structure.