Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Advantage Mold and Design has been providing their quality products and services since 1984 and they are based out of Meadville, PA. The products they offer are quality molds and mold inserts.

Website Speed:

How fast your website’s pages load is important for keeping your users on your page and engaged. The longer you keep your audience on your page increases all the good outcomes from increased conversions to lower bounce rates.

  • This particular website loads very quickly at .58 seconds.

How are the Aesthetics?

Aesthetics are important for representing your business. Making sure that your website is easy to navigate, has good color use, and represents your business well is important for your site, business, and audience.

  • There is not much going on when you come to this website. There is a lack of information and there are no images.
  • Aesthetically it is a very bland site and not visually engaging at all.

Website Mobile Ready?

So many users are searching for many different things on the go. So there is no question if your website should be mobile responsive.

  • Checking on how this site looks on mobile and it does not appear to be responsive.
  • When looking at it on the iPhone screen size it becomes extremely difficult to read. The buttons also become way too small for your fingers to even pick the correct button, bringing down the navigation ease.
  • No click to call option on mobile.

Easy to Contact?

When you land on the website there is no noticeable contact information that stands out. They do have contact information in their contact us part of their menu.

SEO Factors:

  • There are no heading tags that are used on the pages. Including heading tags and even using keywords and locations in the heading tags is important for organizing your content. Giving search engines and your users information on what your content is all about.
  • Does not use any alt tags. There are no images on the pages with no alt tags.
  • Having your pages indexed by Google is important for bringing more traffic to your site. The more the better and this website only has 5 pages indexed.
  • No ability to measure, they do not have any Google Analytics installed.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Protect your sensitive information and build customer trust with SSL Certifications
  2.  Add more words to the pages. 300+ words is a good amount to go by. When you add more words your are then able to add heading tags. This gives your website structure and helps search engines as well as your audience to know what your content is all about.
  3. Add images to the pages, with the images include alt tags with keywords and locations of services. It helps Google know what your images are about.
  4. Make sure that the site is mobile responsive across all screen sizes, it is easy to read and navigate.