Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio Algamesi Brother’s has been serving premium ice creams and rich chocolates since 1908.

Website Speed:

Making sure your website loads quickly really helps improve your users experience. With improved user experience comes many more benefits. In fact studies have shown that by improving your website speed by even by 1 second this improves your conversion rate from 10% to 20%.

  • has their website loading in 2.17 seconds, users are not waiting long for the page to load.

How are the Aesthetics?

Aesthetics of a website is important, it can help influence your brands credibility. Great aesthetics can really improve the users experience and showcase your company in the best way possible.

  • This website has great colors and use of pictures. It keeps the user engaged and wanting to read more.
  • Clean design and layout, making it easy to navigate.

Is The Site Mobile Ready?

There is no surprise that your website should be mobile responsive and fit all the different screen sizes. Since mobile accounts for half of website traffic, looking good on mobile is a website must these days.

  • When checking to see how this website looks on the different screen sizes, it seems to be responsive. It is easy to navigate and read on the iPhone screen view.
  • Including a click to call option proves to be extremely effective to help get customers in contact with your company. This website does not have the click to call option.

Easy to Contact?

The website has easy to locate contact information. Making it easy for the users to locate the contact information and get a hold of your company.

SEO Factors:

  • There is some use of heading tags within the page, but there is no keywords or location included in them. Including some keywords can help your rankings in the Google Search Engine Results.
  • Having alt tags on your images can help Google read what your image is about. The website does not have alt tags, including keywords in the alt tags are helpful as well.
  • They have 214 pages indexed. The more pages indexed the better, bringing more traffic to your website.
  • Google Analytics is installed on this site and this helps with seeing how well your site is doing and where you need improvement on.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Include more words on the page. 300+ words on a page is helpful with including more information and heading tags. The heading tags will give your page structure.
  2. Use keywords in the heading tags and the locations. Premium Ice Cream in Cincinnati, Ohio gives you keywords and the location.
  3. Alt tags on the images and include keywords in the alt tags along with the location of services.