Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Aircraft Plating Corporation is a metal finishing company. This metal finishing company is based out of Cleveland, Ohio.

Website Speed:

Improving your user experience and decreasing your bounce rates can all come from your first impression, website speed.

  • pages load quickly at 1.99 seconds.

How are the Aesthetics?

First impressions are important. Having a website that is outdated and unattractive is not the best look for your company.

  • Looking at this website the aesthetics look good. It is clean, easy to read, and has a good layout. They have a good amount of images as well.

Is the Website Mobile Responsive?

Mobile responsive websites improve your SEO rankings and not to mention users utilizing search engines on the mobile devices are on the rise.

  • is mobile responsive and comes across easy to read and navigate on the iPhone screen.
  • There is also a click to call feature when you scroll to the bottom of the page on the mobile view.

Easy to Contact?

They do have their contact information that is located on in the menu section on their page. When you click here it takes you to a page with a map and all of their contact information. There is also a phone number located at the bottom of their website page.

SEO Factors:

  • There is a heading tag used that has some keywords in it, although they could include their location of services.
  • No alt tags were used on the images. Keywords and locations would great to include in these alt tags.
  • Having pages indexed is great for bringing in more traffic. This website has 7 pages indexed and having more indexed would be helpful for them.
  • Google Analytics could be installed to help measure the websites ability, but being built on WordPress helps greatly with it being able to be easily managed.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Add the phone number on the top of the page in a visible spot.
  2. Include more words on the page and that will help with incorporating heading tags with keywords.
  3. Alt tags on the images so Google knows what your page is all about.