Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:


AM Door is a company that is based out of North Jackson, Ohio and specializes in door, window, and hardware needs. This business was established in 1978 and has been responsible for selling quality products to homeowners and contractors.

Checklist Audit

  • The website speed is great. When the user lands on the page everything loads up quickly.
  • Aesthetics of this website is good. It is clean and they have a nice gallery of their work for examples.
  • This site looks great on mobile.
  • The ability to find contact information is great. They have their phone number all over the page so it is easy for the user to locate the contact information no matter where you are at on the page.
  • SEO Factors:

* Heading tags usage on the page is good

* The images have no alt tags. It is beneficial for the website’s images to include alt tags.

Our Recommendations

  1. Including keyword usage in the alt tags for the images.
  2. Include more words on the page 300+

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