Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:

The Advanced Technology Utilization Co. is based out of Strongsville, Ohio and has been providing the latest technology and proper tools to customers since 1967. Audit:

  • The website load time was very quick at .70 seconds. A quick load time can help decrease the bounce rates with not having to wait long for the website to load.
  • Aesthetics of this website are clean. Although there is not much information or images to keep it visually interesting.

Mobile Ready?

  • This website looks good when we the mobile responsiveness on the iPhone view. It is easy to read as well as easy to navigate.

Easy to Contact?

  • It is pretty easy to find the contact information. They have their phone number placed in a few different areas of the page, and they also have a contact us form that can be filled out as well.

SEO Factors:

  • Heading tags are used, but could have keywords and the location of services included.
  • There is no alt tags that are used. Google is able to know what the image is of better with the alt tags and keywords.
  • Making sure that your website has pages indexed by Google will help drive more traffic. This particular website only has 6 pages indexed. The more the better.
  • Having Google Analytics installed can help measure the ability of your website. There is no Google Analytics installed on this website.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Include more words and information on the page. This gives the opportunity for heading tags that gives structure and order to your page and it gives Google and the users more information.
  2. Using Keywords in the heading tags along with location.
  3. Use alt tags on the images as well as keywords. This helps Google know what your images are of.