Digital Marketing/Website Usability Audit:

Sackmann Stamp is a stamp and stencil company who is out of Akron, Ohio. This company’s website sells all types of stamps, from address stamps to signature stamps. You can visit the Sackmann Stamp’s website and place your order for any type of stamp you can think of.


Making sure your website has a great first impression and is visually interesting is vital for a company’s website. When we first go to the Sackmann Stamp’s website, it has a clean look and you know what it is that they sell. Although they have their address displayed on the side in an eye catching color, there is no phone number that is displayed. The user would have to do some digging to find the phone number. Giving your website some more words is extremely beneficial in many ways:

  • It allows you more chances to include some keywords and phrases. This helps your site be seen more by Google and give you a higher ranking in Google.
  • Heading tags can give your page order and helps Google know what your page is all about.
  • Alt tags on your images can help Google see what your image is of.
  • Making sure your page has at least 300+ words helps not only Google but your users gain more knowledge of what your website and company can offer.

Mobile Readiness

Having a mobile ready website is crucial for companies these days. Everyone is searching for products, looking for local stores, and more. When I come to it does appear to be a mobile responsive website. One thing that could be better about the website on mobile, is having the phone number not hidden in the menu. While searching for websites on mobile it just makes sense to have the phone out in plain view so that if you want to give the company a call you can just click and it prompts your phone to call it.


Having a good amount of pages on your website helps Google see your site more. Checking for how many pages that are seen by Google, Sackmann seems to have a good amount being seen.

If you want to bring your business more business with a more modern, mobile responsive, and aesthetically pleasing website, give Medium Interactive a call today.