Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Acme Lifting provides custom-made web slings as well as cargo control products for trailers or trucks. Based out of Brecksville, Ohio this company has been providing prompt service along with competitive pricing since 1986. Audit Checklist:

  • The website speed for this site loads quickly. With the page loading as quick as 2.34 seconds is great and can help with possible bounce rates caused by slow load times.
  • Aesthetics of the website were great for it’s time, but could use some updating. Adding some more images could help keep it visually interesting. It has a nice amount of words on the page and has good use of lists, making the page easy to scan.
  • When we check for the mobile readiness of the website, it is mobile responsive. Which is great since many customers are searching and shopping on the go.
  • There is contact information all over the page. They have the phone number on the top and bottom of the website, as well as contact information being located in the website’s menu.

SEO Factors For

  • This website has a great use of heading tags on their page. This is important to give the website structure and also helps Google and your audience understand what the page is about.
  • Using keywords in the Alt Tags can help Google read what the image is about. The site does have some use of keywords in the alt tags.
  • Total pages that are indexed by Google for this website are only 5 pages. The more your pages are indexed by Google the better.

Ability to Measure:

  • Being able to keep track of how your website is doing is beneficial to know what to focus on or what may or may not be working. Google Analytics is a great for measuring the success or your website. has good ability to measure with Google Analytics.

Our Recommendations:

  1. Making sure that the website has an SSL Certifications. This helps protect sensitive information and build trust with your audience.
  2. Having more pages indexed by Google. More pages being indexed by Google will bring your more traffic and help your site be discovered quicker.