Digital Marketing/ Website Usability Audit:

Treds is a rubber footwear manufacturer. They provide customers with stronger and more flexible over boots that are easy to put on and take off your boots. Treds has been manufacturing these tougher over boots since 1992, starting in a garage in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Website Speed:

It is important to your website that your pages load quickly, typically under 2 seconds. Fast load times for your website can help with bounce rates and your session duration times. More users on your site for a longer time can help tremendously with your conversion rates.

  •’s website page loaded very quickly, 1.75 seconds which is a good speed seeing as it is under 2 seconds.

How Are The Aesthetics?

How a website looks is important in keeping your users engaged. If your audience lands on your page and the page is outdated, they may get an outdated impression of your company.

  • The website is clean and has great use of color. It is easy to navigate and you can find information quickly. Great images are used that keep everything visually interesting and also has great testimonials to build some trust with the users. You know exactly what they’re selling and have the “buy now” button all through out the page.

Is It Mobile Responsive?

There are about 60% of users searching on their mobile device now. There is no surprise that your website needs to be mobile responsive to keep up with the growing use of mobile devices. There are about 60% of users searching on their mobile device now.

  • looks great when we check for mobile responsiveness on the different screen sizes. On the iPhone view everything is easy to read and easy to navigate. It would be helpful and beneficial for the users and the website to include a click to call option. Just think of how many times you’re searching on your phone and what a relief it is that you do not have to try and remember that number.

SEO Factors:

Heading tags offer your page great structure which in return helps Google and your audience gather the information your page offers. Alt tags are another great way for Google to know what your images are of and indexed pages are important for bringing your site more traffic.

  • The website has use of the alt tags. Including keywords and the location of service could be helpful for your ranking in Google. Something like, “Treds 12″ over boots in Cincinnati, Ohio” would be a good alt tag.
  • Include the keywords and location in the heading tags.
  • Pages indexed were 58. The more the better.
  • Measuring your website with Google Analytics can help you see how well your site is doing and where you could improve. has Google Analytics installed and the page is built on WordPress, making the website easy to manage.

Our Recommendation:

  1. Include more words on your page. 300+ words is a good number to go buy, this gives your audience more information about your page. Not only more information but more opportunity to include heading tags.
  2. Use keywords in your alt tags and heading tags. Location is important too, something like “Treds 12″ over boots in Cincinnati, Ohio”.