Digital Marketing/Website Usability

We preform audits on websites to determine what kind of SEO and design work needs to be done in order to bring your website to it’s fullest potential. Today’s website we will be looking at is, a website that sells trays for kids to go trays.


When you come to the page there are some bright colors and I do absolutely love the photos of the toddlers using the trays. When I come to this website I know what the point of the website is right away, selling these to go trays. It gives great examples to the parents of all the ways you can use the trays. On the site they have little suggestions on gift ideas and using them as stocking stuffers. They have features in magazines and that is great for building customer trust.


When checking for mobile readiness, it does not seem to be mobile ready. Having a website be mobile responsive is crucial this day in age. Everyone is constantly on the go and searching for products on their cell phones. Ontray2go’s website becomes extremely difficult to see and read the text, this website could use some updating. A great element to mobile readiness that I find extremely useful is having the phone number on the top of the page and being able to tap on the number and it prompts your phone to dial the number.


On the website as mentioned before, they have a suggestion box. If you hover over it, it seems that you can click on it and it will take you to a page that has some suggestions. When you do click on it does not take you anywhere. This is also what happens when you try and select the “buy now” button. I believe buying the product is the whole point of the website, so updating that might help bring in more customers and increase conversions.

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