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Landing on the Top Page Via Google SEO Search Engine Optimization

How many times have you thought about what happens at the back end when you search for something in Google? This question must have come at least once in your mind that how this “Google Master” knows everything that there is to know about this digital world. The feeling would be awesome when you search for your company’s name on Google and it appears as the first link. This is possible, but only with Google SEO search engine optimization. The motive of every SEO strategy is to bring the subject on the front pages of all the popular search engines. You can imagine the first page of Google as the maker or breaker of your business. If a business is not listed on its first page, then it is surely losing to other similar businesses or services that reside on it.

Search Engine Optimization Google

Google SEO search engine optimization is not a new thing that has become a buzzword today, rather it has been present in the web world for a long time. For most of that time, only a few people knew about the importance and functioning of SEO. In simple terms, SEO is a process which enables any page to land on the notable and 1st page of popular search engine. The process is lengthy and it takes some time, but the results are worth the wait, as your SEO strategies will eventually pay off.

The word “SEO,” although relevant with every single search engine, has the strongest connection with Google, because more than 80% of all the searches worldwide are done on this search engine. In this scenario, organizations, businesses, service providers aim to have their websites highlighted on the front page and do so with the help of Google SEO search engine optimization.

Before going further, let us understand what happens when someone searches for something. For instance, a person typed “cheetah running speed” in the search bar. Following this, Google will check every single document, website, file, article, blog, web page and what not and will present you with the results. In order to categorize the results, Google SEO search engine optimization is enabled with some analytics which ranks these pages according to their popularity, relevance, and the authenticity of the content. The link that has got the best results will appear on the front page of Google.

Google SEO search engine optimization matters

Google SEO Tools

Any job does not seem difficult if we have the right tools in hand. For example, if you are going to cut tree bark with a kitchen knife, then probably you won’t finish the job in a hundred years. Right tools combined with prowess in the process make a combination that will see the task through and never let any opportunity pass by. The Google SEO search engine optimization tools include the following.


  1. Google Page Speed Insights: The load speed of a website matters because the longer a page takes to load, the lower the chances that people will stay and wait for it to open. Checking the page speed with this tool can help recognize the problem, in turn, suggesting how to improve upon it.
  2. Keyword One of the most important and potent tools for Google SEO search engine optimization is generating the right keyword. A keyword is what will help the users reach your website and ensure a heavy traffic inflow, provided it fits the description.  
  3. Google Webmaster Tools. Another core aspect of the Google SEO search engine optimization is analyzing the performance of the website. With this tool, one can learn how the website looks from Google’s perspective and the areas that need modifications.
  4. Google Trends. Another important aspect in relation to the Google SEO search engine optimization lies in knowing that which industry has seen how much growth in the field of SEO and how it has fared till now. This helps strategists as they learn what they can do to improve upon it.
  5. Similar Search. With this, the SEO strategists compare the performance of any two websites on certain metrics and gather the results so as to advise on the next course of action.
  6. Serp Rank Checker. This keyword and website rank checker presents an opportunity for the user to analyze their ranking and helps them form a strategy for improvement. Another important tool for Google SEO search engine optimization, the SERP rank checker works in a simple manner. After filling in the keyword and website name it will give the overall ranking. It will also rank the keyword according to its propitious nature in generating leads.
  7. Test My Site. This tool gives the loading time on different networks. For example, if the user has a 3G network it will show the loading time for it. This tool also gives an exact number of how many users left the page due to slow loading times.

How to improve your Google SEO search engine optimization results

SEO Google Analytics

This is rather the most important aspect in Google SEO search engine optimization. The developers at Google have built their own analytical search parameters that help them decide the page’s quality and its ranking.

A short tutorial will make things clearer. Google has developed bots that roam the web world 24/7, these bots gather information from all the web pages, websites, articles, blogs, papers, and everything that is published on the web. After collecting them together these bots find further links and traces of additional information in these pages. The process then continues for all the other pages. The end result is that the search engine has indexed billions of pages containing information and has also linked them with one another.

For analysis, Google SEO search engine optimization uses techniques like the time taken to open the page and the type of information. They also look at whether the information was sourced from authentic resources and examine how that information stands up to what the user is asking. Other things include how many users have read to what lengths and how many backlinks and inbound links are there on the page among other similar parameters. In short, with this tool, Google measures the overall performance of the website and ranks it accordingly. A website ranked one will come at the top of the 1st page in Google search and others will follow.



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