Search engine optimization advertising can take your business to the next level

Search Engine Optimization Advertising

If your search engine optimization efforts have not been paying off, or maybe it has not been giving results as quickly as you expect(ed), perhaps, you are not doing something right. Have you considered bringing in search engine optimization advertising to your SEO techniques? If no, then there is a high probability that it is the missing element you should add to build your brand and expand your customer base at a faster rate.

Search engine optimization advertising can take your business to the next level

What Is Search Engine Optimization Advertising?

Search engine optimization advertising which can also be referred to as Internet Search Advertising, Online Search Advertising or simply, Search Advertising. It is an SEO technique that gives you the opportunity to display your paid ads directly on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. as a search result alongside many other results. With this advertising technique, marketers are able to put their ads as information in the face of search engine users who are searching for specific keywords.

Search Engine Marketing Techniques

There are quite a number of techniques that are available for search engine marketing. However, there isn’t really a ‘constantly effective technique’, seeing that search engines change and adjust their algorithms from time to time. Whatever the case though, here are some of the most consistent strategies that marketers use to generate prominent rankings for their business:

Search Engine Optimization Advertising

With this type of strategy, companies make efforts to associate their websites with specific keywords, such that the website and information about the company comes up whenever search engine users search for those keywords. It is further subdivided into off-page and on-page search engine optimization advertising methods.

Pay Per Click Advertising

This technique of search engine marketing also known as PPC Advertising involves the selling of advertising space by already successful websites in association with specific keywords that are relevant. Advertisers are required to pay for every click on the ad.

Paid Inclusion In Search Engines

This technique involves the selling of ad space by search engines in their search results to marketers. Here, marketers pay an amount of money to search engines providers to have their websites listed among search results.

Use search engine optimization advertising in order to meet your goals

Types Of Search Engine Marketing

There are three types of search engine marketing which are:

Organic Search

This type of search is the best that there is. Also known as natural or free search, it is the epicenter of search marketing. In fact, when people say Search Engine Optimization advertisement, they are most times referring to this type of search. This type of search is based on merit and appears mostly at the top of search results. The downside with this search type however is that you will only have limited control to it.

Paid Search

This type of search avails the marketer much more control over the placement of the search result and also allows for a quicker view of results. It is also known as the Google AdWords program. It can also be referred to as sponsored ads and involves actual payment by the marketers to get their ads displayed as search results.

Local Search

This type of search involves getting found by local searchers around the marketers’ area. It is in a few ways similar to the organic search because you can not really have a control of the ad placements and it is not being paid for. Although there is a possibility of influencing the placement.


The Key difference between Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) even though the two function to help marketers grow their websites is that while SEM generally refers to paid search marketing, covering a system that requires marketers to pay search engines for their ads to be shown as search results, Search Engine Optimization does not require payment to Google for the placement of company information or messages as search results, rather, it is being achieved organically.
You definitely should think about including search engine optimization advertising in your techniques today for better ranking results.


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