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Search Engine Optimization Audit: Frick Sawmills Website

Before any work can commence on a website, a search engine optimization audit must be done. In this example, we looked at the website for a local sawmill manufacturer and distributor, Frick Sawmills. We then compared it to a competitor, Timber King.

Aesthetics and Responsiveness

To begin, we took a look at the website itself — was it visually pleasing? Frick Sawmills certainly isn’t the ugliest website we’ve seen, but it could definitely use some work. The product pages were inconsistent, some things weren’t labelled, and the website looked bland and didn’t have a lot of calls to action. It also wasn’t mobile responsive at all. Timber King, on the other hand, had a much more visually interesting website with consistent product pages and plenty of calls to action, all while being mobile responsive.

Search Engine Optimization Audit

Next, we examined things like the number of h1 tags on each website’s page or the amount of photos with alt tags. We found that Frick Sawmills had no h1 tags whereas Timber King had five h1 tags on their homepage. In regards to alt tags, neither website had them, which is a problem for both websites. These tags are important because, when choosing what order to show websites in, Google looks to h1 and alt tags to help it determine what the website is about and where to rank it in a search result. Having more descriptive h1 tags and alt tags helps Google understand what the website is about and helps rank it higher.

Google Analytics

Finally, we looked at how many pages Google’s bots indexed on each website. Frick Sawmills had about 39 pages, which isn’t terrible. However, when compared to a competitor, we see a large difference; Timber King has about 189 pages, 150 pages more. This means that Timber King has a greater chance of ranking high in the search results.

If you want more details, check out the video below. If you’d like to have us do an audit on your website, you can contact us here.



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